Friday, November 5, 2010


  1. investigate the excellent article from Microsoft Research on multinenancy as part of most SaaS implementations 
  2. Add applications to live application server
  3. MapReduce (via Apache Hadoop) on one of my clusters or one of my Amazon EC2 AWS instances using Amazon Elastic MapReduce as a wrapper for Hadoop or on the upcoming Oracle cloud service - see
  4. Project Fortress from the programming languages lab of very honoured new coworker Guy Steele !
  5. Full review of historical architectures MIT Cosmic Cube (MIMD), CM-2 (SIMD) and Illiac IV (SIMD) and how they influence the KiloCore prototype
  6. JVM Bytecode spec section and Proxy.getNewInstance()
  7. Finish review of BeMicro's board for the 22k Altera FPGA
  8. JRebel for ZeroTurnaround
  9. Three phase commit protocol for databases
  10. Spring Roo, Insight and AOP
  11. Java needs an automatic for loop parallelization API like other languages like .NET
  12. .NET JMS client for WebLogic
Inform Ed Ort of Oracle that the JAX RS example on the main Java EE site does not compile (it was written back in Dec 2009 when the spec first came out)

For example, the following imports are invalid and have syntax errors
   import UriInfo;
These should be
In order to match their use as annotations later on.
I try to copy only directly from my Eclipse or NetBeans IDE - and not edit code directly on a blog - so this does not happen.

  1. 256 bit ALU using PB8X-32
  2. Vector ALU pipeline
  3. 128 bit universal bidirectional shift register
  4. Toroidal grid parallel processor (Propeller PA8X-32 or XMOS G4
  5. Ambric like mesh processor where each PU executes a single Java Object thread (so a kilocore represents 1024 pooled object instances)
  6. Data flow machine where each processing unit node represents a scalar operation or data element in a RPN or Forth like flow

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